Magic City Pinball League
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Lucky Sevens Lucky Sevens
Earned for having the most total sevens in your machine scores in a season.

Introduced 09/01/2011

Players With This Badge (24)

PlayerDate Earned
Kimb Davis02/25/2020
Lily Bush10/29/2019
Matt Russell10/29/2019
Daniel Marshall02/26/2019
Alex Huffman10/30/2018
Pat Bush07/10/2018
Amy Eddins03/06/2018
Phil Fritts10/31/2017
Jeff Street06/13/2017
Ash Quakenbush02/21/2017
Jen Miller03/15/2016
Duane Connell11/10/2015
Stephen Michaels07/21/2015
Scott May03/17/2015
Steve Baker03/17/2015
Chris Warren11/11/2014
Bill Miller07/29/2014
Tim McDonald11/06/2013
Peter Traynor07/17/2013
Anthony Dickson07/17/2013
Ron Inman03/19/2013
Bill Scrivener11/06/2012
Jeff Hand07/10/2012
Casey Bryson03/13/2012